Celebrating Hampden Academy

November 23, 2010

Hampden Academy’s New Blog

Post by Shawn Kimball, Technology Integration Specialist & Computer Club Advisor

Hampden Academy is a grade 9-12 school in MSAD #22 located in Hampden, Maine, USA.  When I  joined the Hampden Academy faculty in August 2008, I was full of dreams and this blog is one of those dreams that has come to fruition.  If we are going to properly serve the students and community,  we must leverage the technology tools that are available to us.  We are currently building a new high school set to open in August 2012 that will place all Hampden schools on one large campus with remarkable indoor and outdoor facilities.  This endeavor will present many new opportunities for the entire school district, communities of MSAD #22, and Eastern Maine in general.

Thanks to the internet’s many web 2.0 tools such as blogs, wikis, podcasting solutions, etc., it is very easy to share everyday happenings within our classrooms, labs, auditorium, courts, and fields.  Many great things happen every day that deserve the publicity.  Student authors will connect with teachers, clubs, and teams to report on learning activities as well as share their personal opinions on life at Hampden Academy.

Fortunately several years ago, Mr. Tony Mourkas established an energetic “computer club” producing some amazing leaders with a long list of diverse talents.  Mr. Mourkas’ work with these talented students made it possible for us to begin a school blog after just a few general meetings.  We will be doing much more than posting school news to this blog.  Hopefully students will share their technology skills and interests as well.  Student posts will also document our schools’ history.  I envision more than just text appearing as they provide links to additional resources, invite people to events, embed audio and video, present discussions, and more.

We may make some mistakes, but learn with every stumble.  In my role as advisor and administrator of this blog, I will hold students accountable to accurately report events, communicate clearly, and be empathetic to others’ concerns.  We welcome your comments hoping that your comments will become a major part of the sharing.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me (Shawn Kimball) at [email protected].

I look forward to this teaching and learning experience.

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